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Photo #@

Early eve at the beach………..!


Today’s Issue


Well I went to lean down to get Lucas and I pulled my lower back out. But It’s not that bad at the moment since I’m on enough muscle relaxers….

But really what has me going is how my Twitter account is really grown. (frankjg_jr) What really pleases me is that some very interesting people are following me. I’m glad that people feel I have something to say. And that It’s not all just posting. It’s exciting!!! I always new it would continue to catch on.

Living 20 minutes south of a few friends I thought would be a problem but not at all. My drive home gives me time to reflect and think about how grateful I am. Even though I have some very deep issues, I have this time alone or with Lucas. I live just south of USC and it’s a pretty interesting neighborhood. Very colorful. But it’s a neighborhood (South Los Angeles) and it”s mine.

Well I must head out to ship some Ebay packages out. Have a Great Day…….Frank

Being candid and honest….!


CANDID and HONEST…….this blog is a way for me to discus my feelings, emotions, and life changing moments in my life, similar to moving back to California. That means boyfriends, friends, family, and major events that have caused change in my life. Topics like drug abuse, challenges with new and Old friends, loss of my parents, my relationship with my brother and family. I know this is going to possibly offend some but I can’t help that. I’m just expressing how I feel. Now that we got that out of the way, I feel much better.

Growing up
High School
Family Issues
1st few jobs
Testing Positive to Hiv
Opportunist Infections
Death Sentence
Telling Mom
3, 6, 9 months, 3, 5, 10 years then going to live for awhile
Survivor Aids
Long Term Survivor
27 Years October
Just a few to discuss…………!

Well I’ll just let you ponder on some of what I just said, my life will become a open b

First Post

Well, lets see how this works. I spent the day doing a good deed for a friend. I’m glad I was able to just be there. Life brings us all these challenges but we need to be able to cope. I continue to go into my toolbox and use some of those other coping mechanisms. Sometimes it works and sometimes I need to leave the house and possibly go the park or beach…It helps.

But I myself are having some challenges and I try so hard to stand strong.
But God would not give what he thinks I cannot handle.
I know I will get thru.
There’s always tomorrow. I’m glad for that…….!
Well this wasn’t so bad, until tomorrow.