Well today I want speak about all the challenges presented to me. Most of them being financial and health. I deal with a deficit every month along with a psychiatrist visit monthly. So you can understand where I’m coming from. 

I know that I have to get thru the month but it’s so hard, I scramble to find the ways to just break even. One thing that is not good at all is that I have to sell one HIV drug in particular (there’s a market for it) , this is not good, it compromises my health. And that bothers me terribly. So far no problems. But my social security disability check just is not enough. 

My psych meds have been changed and I know for the better. My psychiatrist and I have an excellent relationship. But I deal with anxiety, panic, and bi-polar issues. So I must be mindful every day and think of ways to get thru the day, that makes it a good day. But not always.

It’s wonderful having Glenn and Glen in my life and of course Lucas (my maltese) he is my rock. Definitely unconditional love and helps center me. I stop at Glen and Glenn homes at least every other day, they really are my only friends here n LA. But slowly I’m meeting people. But these guys are kool and it’s fun to hang in with them. 

The other days are filled with acupuncture, chiropractic, therapist, dental, etc, etc,etc. I need more, It would help my head, I’m a social being, so I need more of a network, so I am looking for something to do. Possibly a part-time job. That will be a challenge.

I want to speak about next time ” a boy named Eddie ” & ” a boy named Randy “. They both visited me and it was quite interesting to say the least….. Talk about a challenge………!!!!


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