Let us think back 57 years. I could speak about all the drama surrounding my birth and how it played out. I could speak about how a family could turn on a young 20 year and her husband. Oh and speak about how sick that child was 3 months after his birth. And most of all how brothers can be so cruel and then years later act like nothing happened. But always throwing those secrets around so she would be on her toes. But I will not go deep into that horrible and cruel period. 

I will speak about the life my mother gave me. My mother was a special woman, she always thought of everyone else before herself. It was not until her later years that it all changed. But back to her children. Private and Catholic schools always, she worked and her brothers help give my brother and I all that my father couldn’t. The best of travel, spending winter months in Florida and summers in NJ, Puerto Rico, Acapulco and the Bahamas often. Clothing, well that was always whatever I wanted, my brother did not want much. I was the fashionista from a young age, always needing the best. Saturdays she would give me money and my friend David and I would to a place called Irvington Center NJ, have lunch and shop. On vacations she always dressed my my brother and I with same outfits, we looked so cute. and it was the same as I got older as it is now. Always the best for Frankie. But now it’s not so easy, my mother is gone “to heaven”.

When it came to University well lets say University of Miami, Coral Gables Fla. The best of the best, well they called it a very privileged school in those days for kids that wanted to play and study at the beach. And it was. After that I continued some studies at “The New School” in Manhattan but did not complete, I wanted to get to work.

Even after all this she still had to go thru my Hiv diagnosis, but stood like a trooper with my friend Jerry by her side and tried to support the best way she could. I loved her for just who she was. That changed my life forever, but this another post.

So as I get back to today, I believe that birthdays are every day. Right now it might be a tough spot but I believe at 57 I’m wiser and a little smarter to get thru this. And I got this all from my mother, my strength, wisdom, compassion and understanding. Again she was special………!!!!!!!!!Image


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