Happy Birthday

Well as I sit here after having at least 4 mini shots of Seagrams (Old School) I wonder how i got into this difficult situation at 57. Where did something go wrong. I know there is a path out of this tunnel, but it’s hard. I’ve had to go thru so many paths with HIV, moving, friendships and family. And I made it thru. But this is a tuff one.

Tomorrow , my birthday, well it’s important to me. Birthdays have always been special to me and to not be able to do anything is like “Really” so I will probably take Lucas and go to “The Grove” just to parade him around. And that’s it.

I guess I could say I have a good roof over my head in a secure building even though it’s in the worst part of town (just temporarily), food in the frig and I’m in fairly good health except for my head. That’s an Important part of this puzzle. It’s not in a bad place, it’s just in depressed mode, very depressed mode. Like spiraling thru a water tower trying to catch a hook to try and hop on to climb out at some point. 

So tomorrow is my birthday and I am grateful that I do have the tools to work thru this. But right now not the right ones.

Happy Birthday Frank


One thought on “Happy Birthday

  1. well I for one are glad u here WE R OLD SCHOOL and as so few of us left and still vital we owe it to life to get up each time we feel knocked down


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