National Martini Day………… 06.19.2014

So yes it is National Martini Day and I am taking a day away from my personal issues and enjoy my 2 Martini’s. So what do martini’s mean to me? Well we have history, I’ve been drinking them since about 19 (38 years) and always liked them stirred not shaken. I used to spend time at “The Plaza Hotel” ” The Oak Room” (New York City) in the afternoon with my fur on the stool next to me and having a few of these only waiting to greet my older friend. Usually around around 35-50. He would wisk me away to theatre and dinner and I loved it, these men enjoyed my company simply because I wasn’t just any twenty something, I was able to communicate with with them . I only drank Martini’s with people who understood them, and enjoyed them. Now I know James Bond likes shaken not stirred, but I feel the ice melts the vodka too quickly when shaken. That’s just my personal liking. The vodka is very important, I ask for only certain vodka’s, ones that are very smooth and light. I will not promote a vodka, but you could assume which ones. There are just a few. I get this wonderful feeling and it doesn’t get me drunk, just happy. And that’s just is needed for now.

After a day of therapy and being home with Lucas, I need a little alone time. And this is it. I’m hoping Glenn shows up, but that’s okay our plans weren’t set in stone. You see Hugo’s in West Hollywood has happy hour everyday from 3pm – 6pm and that’s a good deal. Appetizers are half off so no matter how you look at it it, its a win win. On Fridays after Lucas gets groomed I usually come here. They love pets but it gets expensive, so this is first time in a long time I’ve been able to do this. Again, it feels so good ……


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