I had a friend make a comment to me yesterday. He felt that the fact that I post when good friends and acquaintances invite me to be their guest for dinner, go to a play, have a coffee or even being invited on a cruise might be deceiving about my financial situation. It means I have generous friends. But nothing has changed, I still deal with that deficit and it probably will not change any time soon. But I continually try to hold my head high and realize that there is a glimmer of light thru the tunnel. So yes the perception might look different, but my reality is the same. Do I stop living “NO”, I have a dog that depends on me and I depend on me. So I have to be very grateful about those good friends and show that appreciation the best way I can. Just by saying “Thank You”………….

For me it doesn’t cost to go to the beach, a park, a walk in “The Grove”, or just a walk down Santa Monica Blvd, or just sit and meditate on the good things I do have. I have a roof over my head and food on my table. That’s most important.

I tend to put up such a facade and always put on a good face that people just think it’s all good. My clothing is preserved very well and I always buy timeless pieces, never buy a trendy look. My mother always taught me to hold my head up high and march thru those fields. Being as upbeat and positive as you can. But maybe, just maybe some might ask how are you doing. How are you really doing? Very rarely does that happen. But when one does, do they really want to hear about my life, their lives might be just as challenging and do they really want to hear.
But It would be nice to hear “HOW ARE YOU DOING”……..


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