A friend……………

When you can pick up 38 years later and it’s like it was yesterday. When you can chat on the phone for an hour plus and not get bored at all. When you don’t have any limitations on what you can talk about, you feel free to talk about almost anything. This is what happened with a friend from High School. 38 years layer.

Being in Los Angeles and feeling alone often except for my friends Glenn and Glen and now it’s nice that person that knows me a little deeper. I have been searching for this friend for almost 7 months, all over the internet. with no luck. But one day I got lucky and connected a name with a address. Woo-Hoo, I made some headway. So I took the address put it in my wallet and waited till the time was right to go there and put a note on the door. But many days I’m just not up to an outing like that. My health inhibits me sometimes along with whats going on in the psych dept. But I do get out almost everyday because It’s good for my head and and I need to get out of this neighborhood, if it’s just to go to CVS. But back to my friend.

I went and left a note and go figure several days later I heard from her. IT WAS GREAT! I felt that yeah a friend from the past now in the present. And we reconnected and chatted for almost two hours. we had so much to catch on. She has accomplished so much in her work and I was happy to hear that and I have had a number acheivements in my own. We shared so much. Then two days later we chatted again and we just went on forever and am going to get together at some point. But we connected and I’m so happy for that.

I look forward to more, so you see so many friends come and go but few come back into your life it’s a great feeling when it happens. So know matter whatever personal issues I have I think this friendship will be a special one. She was so easy to talk to then and now.

So you see you do get 2nd and 3rd and and many more chances, but always you remember “When you are through changing your through” and I’m just getting started again at 57…………!



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