Why I hate Laundry………..!

It’s probably the one thing I most dislike. I actually don’t mind it. But our very nice laundry room is on the ground floor facing a very raw neighborhood. What do I mean? Well, there are gangs, kids, cars, bicycles, and hand-made scooters that you face through this very thick window. And they are active from 6am until the wee hours. Unable to walk the neighborhood because you truly don’t know how safe you would be, especiallly Lucas, they look at him as pate or food. You have to wonder where are the parents are of these kids. They look at you as you keep your face down and do your laundry. You knowing how volitle this enviroment is, you mind your own business very tightly. This building needs to be picked up and placed in a somewhat better neighborhood at best, but we all know that can’t happen. Gods only knows how many waiting lists I’m on for a somewhat better neighborhood.  So I must continue for now to do my laundry in this heavily secure building in the hood. And watch out for my safety………!


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