As I go thru this yoga journey, I have been getting in touch with a person that I have forgotten about or just push him way back. So I took matters into my own hands and I’m searching for him. I’m not an insecure or inhibited person. I’m usually in touch with my emotions, except with this tumult I haven’t been thinking about me. Yoga lately has done that for me, I’m getting in touch again.

When I decided to do this class, it took some time to make the decision. It was a Naked Yoga class. These guys are very seasoned yogi’s and I somewhat new. But I am good with the basics and am able to keep up.

I signed up for the class and had no thoughts about the type of class, I just wanted to do a class with a group who are serious about yoga. These guys were.

Fast forward to the day of the class to which I was so looking forward to. A new group and what I might take away from this class. I got to the studio and all I remember is that I grabbed my mat, water, and towel and said hello to the instructor. It turned out to be a private session because the other 2 couldn’t get away from work and it was afternoon. This was good for me, it becomes private.
The instructor and I greeted each other and that moment I felt a calmness and comfort. I had left everything outside except my mind, body, and spirit.
We chatted a bit about my life and what I wanted to achieve out of doing yoga, my health, some challenges, which all felt menial. I was very comfortable disrobing, you see I did Body Electric so I’m very comfortable with my body. We sat across and started a breathing exercise with some movement. The breathing set the tone for the whole session, it was all about breathing. Then moved into some light movements and of course more breathing. The breathing became intense because I was feeling my whole body with each move. Almost like a euphoric state of mind. I was entering into positions I’d never thought I could do. I just kept breathing. My body let go and my mind said you can do it. And I did. It was an hour in a half class. I didn’t even realize start to finish.
I realized that I (we) are capable of doing whatever we want.

We said our goodbyes and he recommended me to this selective group at this studio. I walked away and felt a feeling of it all doesn’t matter other that moment. I had a ah ha moment which was calming and nurturing. Sitting in the car and doing a lite meditation I realized that I’m capable of letting go and stepping Into a whole new way of thinking. I drove away with that same calm and peaceful feeling. No one could change this mood…………………..Thank you Matt…….


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