Picking the right one is always important. Larchmont Village, we have chosen the pizzeria that is not the one that everyone chooses! But it seems the healthiest. And I have Lucas with me. We had a good day and have a few extra dollars to eat out. Only because Lucas’s grooming was free! Bravo!!!!!

We visited Glenn and a had a few vodkas and am ready for a bite. I spent all day looking at phone numbers to call for apartments, and I did, only to get one response ! But at least one is good. One day at time!

I know one will call, but it’s all in time! I have to be patient! I have to realize that one who waits will be rewarded!

It’s tough because the neighborhood is so bad, but i didn’t know, but I know now and I will continue to look. And i want out.

Back to the pizza, I have chosen
the right one, not greasy! And delicious ! It’s called zpizza in Larchmont Village Los Angeles……again very healthy !


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