Why isn’t anyone reading my blog!

Yes, why isn’t anyone reading my blog. I have thousands of followers on Twitter, thousand+friends on Facebook, posted on other sites Google+, LinkedIn, tumblr etc. And I’m still not getting or have not gotten any replies or likes. Some visitors some views but not as much as I thought I would have. Friends, families, acquaintances, strangers, all have access to the blog but very little comments. So the question is why aren’t the friends and families not saying anything! Do they not have the time to read the blog?

Is it the the fact that this blog might offend some of them. Because of what I’m saying or discussing. Or do people really don’t care about what’s going on in your life. A good question to ask is it offensive to some, especially family. Some of the topics I discuss, friends never wanted to discuss with me nor did some family.

But back to the question why isn’t anyone reading my blog. I did some research about how to write a blog and what’s the best way to approach it. The research I found was to be honest, be open, be candid, be daring almost to the point of being over-the-top. It also suggested that I’d be challenging, a little dangerous, and take risks. And most of all have a captivating title. So that It can attract people.

I’ve thought that I’ve done most of that but possibly not enough. I still wonder with all the friends and family and how honest and candid I’ve been why aren’t they mentioning anything. My closest friends aren’t saying boo. My family probably is quiet too. Is it possibly because I’m so candid, open and honest. Not sure. So I must continue with the research that I’ve done on how to get people to read my blog. I guess I can say so what if family and some close friends don’t read it. I’d like them to see what my life is all about. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of others possibly seeing the blog and say “oh” let me read it. The Blog lets me open up about about the topics that interest me that help me get through the day. Because as I’ve been saying life is challenging. But I guess it is for everyone.

So if anyone has any tips on writing a personal blog with some culture and lifestyle thrown in here and there. Sometimes politics might be discussed. And other times it might be just a photo reflecting on how I feel during the day. Please, I look forward to your your thoughts and ideas.


One thought on “Why isn’t anyone reading my blog!

  1. Ha! No matter how many people read your blog, or follow it, you will wonder, “Why doesn’t anybody read my blog?!” I promise. Except every once in awhile they will, which will feel awesome. For four minutes.
    Write what you love, give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there and doing this thing, and admire your own good hard work. You are awesome for taking part.
    (P.S. Thanks for the follow!)


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