Lost A Week Of Blogging

Well it’s been at least a week since I’ve written. I’ve needed a break, and there were a number stark realities hitting me right in the face. I new these realities were coming some day, but I didn’t prepare. Yes I could have but I was too busy enjoying life and not thinking of the future. Being on disability for so many years I’ve always made it work with what came in and with extra coming in from other sources. I was blessed. So I can’t blame this on any one but myself.

But the question is where do I go from here at 57. I have issue with working because of health reasons. The stamina and mental state is just not there. We all know since I’ve written about my health and where it stands. No need to elaborate on that. So the question is how do I live on what comes in monthly!

My days are filled with all good things for body and mental health. Acupuncture, chiropractor, therapy, yoga, and several doctors visits every couple weeks. This is how I’ve survived and I don’t want to change that. As many say I should. But, all of these treatments have kept me alive for over 28 years.

So I will have to give in on a number of personal financial obligations for a while and put aside and look towards paying the bare minimums which doesn’t leave me much. But I think I can do it. I do need to access a little help here and there from the kindness of others. I haven’t let life beat me yet, and it’s not gonna now. So Lucas and I stand toe to toe and drive forward, always driving forward.

Yes there will be tough days but I look towards my tool box and access all the tools that have gotten me to a good place, and use them. Days I might want to just curl up in bed, but we all know how that goes, not good. So force yourself out Frank and do what needs to be done.

I might have written about a lot of this before, but it’s so very real now. It’s almost a crisis for the next the month or two. But my next writing will expand on that more. So now I have to title this. Please feel free to comment if you have another title, I’m open to suggestions…………


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