Waiting List………..

So how I’ve been spending most all my time! Going on rental appointments. Yes as you all know I’m living in a great building but a really, really bad neighborhood. South Central LA, I didn’t know the hood until after I’ve moved in. Gun shots, fireworks, lots of police and fire trucks, along with a gang on the block. So as you might know when I get home before sunset I lock myself in tightly. Lucas freaks often from the noise, so I try to block it with the noise from the television. The neighbors aren’t bad in the building but I am certainly out of my element. So I have place up to 20 applications in buildings I like, most of them have waiting lists. And I still continue to place my name. I figure that one day I will get that phone call.

Property mangers are very receptive to me and very kind. So who knows someone might want to just move me on the list. It happened with this apt so I pray it can happen again. I pray every evening and morning help me with the guidance to get thru this process. Next week alone I have about 6 more applications to place.

These apartments are in Hollywood, Los Angeles, West Hollywood. Their old Hollywood buildings and some brand new ones. Rent much lower and will give me breathing room. I usually get on at least 2-3 lists a day. So I’m doing my work. And it will pay off. But it’s not happening soon enough. I need this like yesterday.

All the agencies I’m working with a being super accommodating. And truly can’t do enough. But Los Angeles has such a shortage of the housing I need. I hope I find a place that a can be in for a number of years. I need to get started here and feel like I’m here. I feel there’s that missing piece “Housing”. I know it will piece together but it’s the wait. I wouldn’t feel such urgency if I wasn’t in this neighborhood.

So each and every day I leave and come to the other side of town. I’m usually in Starbucks in Larchmont Village writing and blogging, it doesn’t cost much, it’s a safe environment. And Lucas likes just being with me. This is after a grueling day of traveling around looking t apt’s. So I end this with the fact that I’m heading back to the neighborhood ” the hood “. So I will be locked up until tomorrow. And the day starts all over again.


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