Just Ask For Help

Asking for help for some is really hard. It’s either that their embarrassed or scared of the answer. So it makes it really hard to ask, especially when their friends or family. Sometimes a stranger is the one really to ask. Some one like an acquaintance. But know you might get that lecture, we all know that comes the help. Especially when it’s money.

When asking for help when money is attached to it, it becomes the most difficult. For me at least. I don’t like asking, so most of my life I’ve stayed away, until now “I Need Help”. But this is much broader than me. Money has the lecture, where does all your money go, your a terrible money manager and many more statements. Many times people turn it around and have to tell you about their problems. And your life and problem gets put aside. So you might have to say it will be okay, it’s all gonna be okay. Knowing fair well their problem is just as important. But you wanted to ask them for help, not them tell you their problems. Only to say so what’s going on. At that point you almost feel like you lost the nerve to ask. I think most might of us might agree with these statements.

It’s never a good time to ask, but you build up the nerve and ask. It could be just to help you move or watch your pet. Hopefully whoever you ask they are a friend that’s not going to judge or lecture. Just only if that person just listens and says I can’t help. But at least they listened, sometimes that’s all you need. Listening is good. Hopefully the problem solves itself.

But just asking is hard, so very hard……..


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