Past Attacks on Commercial Airliners

And good read on commercial airliners being shot down.


Ukrainian officials have blamed separatist rebels for shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, possibly mistaking it for a Ukrainian aircraft. The separatists have denied the allegations—and in turn suggested Ukraine was responsible.

If the airliner, reported to have 295 people on board and flying at 33,000 feet, was indeed shot down, it would mark the deadliest such incident ever. But it wouldn’t be the first time an airliner has been accidently or recklessly shot down.

Here are some of those disasters, including one in 2001 that was also linked to Ukraine:


Siberian Airlines Flight 1812

The airliner was flying at roughly 35,000 feet over the Black Sea, en route to Russia from Israel, when it was struck by a Ukrainian missile. Investigators later concluded that Ukrainian air defense forces had fired two missiles during a major military exercise: one hit the targeted drone, the other continued 150 more miles…

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