Malaysian Air MH17
Other Airliners shot down.

1…….Siberian Airlines flight 2001
2……..Iran Airline flight 655
3……..Korean Airlines flight 007
4……..Korean Airlines flight 902
5……..Libyan Airlines flight 114
6……..El Al Airlines flight 402

We know in some of these cases why but we still have to ask the question, is a country, militia terrorist group trying to make a point. Killing civilians is horrible. And making excuses is not good either, whether it was Putin’s plane they wanted or not. In this case we will find out, and the country or terrorist group or unknown militias will have been found out and dealt with.

The sad thing is why are airlines still flying over this war zone. It’s almost as if we would fly over Syria or Israel flying over Gaza or Palestine. There should have been a no fly zone months ago. But we are here now. And another question to ask how will Malaysian Airlines handle this tragedy differently then the last. Hopefully they have learned from the past and react quickly, very quickly. And talk directly to the victims families. And yes there were Americans on board.


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