I Woke Up

We’ll it happened today I woke up in a daze due to all the anti anxiety, tranquilizers , and other meds to help me deal with all this. None are working. Along with imbalance, confusion, and instability I couldn’t deal with it, I was afraid I would fall again. I had a whole lot of fear of the neighborhood, but knew I couldn’t act impulsive. I slept a little more and woke up and said ” Frank it’s dire and you need to reach out for help”. So I did. I got on the phone and called friend and my brother and they immediately said yes. My brother with a little lecture, but that’s okay, he’s my brother. And come tomorrow I will reach out to 2 others.

I had to, my health was compromised, sick for 3 days in bed. Dealing with depression, no water, and diarrhea from the water faucet and bad food from the food bank. Along with $4.19 in my checking account. Not good. The food was past due it’s due date. Dealing with all this made feel like what happened to that survivor. He’s there but he’s frozen. Three days of this. And then I woke up and said you have to make the calls and sell those items on eBay immediately. Frank deal, it’s nothing you haven’t fought for before.

California is where you want to be, so show you can survive like when you were really ill in other cities. You can do it. This help will help me get a little healthier and able to move forward. A breather. If you don’t have your health you really have nothing.

Thanks to these friends and my brother……..!


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