Starbucks, A lady named Judy

Mmmmmmmmm…….yes there are still some really nice people in this world. And I just found one. As I walked into Starbucks I sat at the counter and waited for the line to go down. There was a lady in the middle and she was having a via iced coffee. I really never liked them but I knew many did. I prepared my material to do some social media work along with some blogging. She said hello and I responded back with hello. She commented on my scarf and silver hair and said she loved a sophisticated man. I thought how nice, who me, she said yes. That made a somewhat tough day a little better.

I still hadn’t ordered my coffee and we talked about her coffee how much she enjoyed Via Iced and Hot. I really had no opinion because I never really gave it a chance when it came out. My previous Starbucks in Wilton Manors, Florida, always wanted me to give it a better chance. But I a creature of habit stuck with the basics, iced quad, hot coffee, and tea.

As I went to order my iced quad the barista said, that lady Judy would like to buy me a iced via. So I accepted with my quad and went to my seat to wait.
As we were speaking she had packets of pike roast and Italian roast on the counter. She mentioned how she enjoyed via and wanted me to give it another chance, so I did with two coffees in front of me. She then offered me several packets of both along with a free drink paper card she had. I said no,no,no that’s too much just give one of each. She felt that in order to acquire the taste you needed a few to try. I though how nice. Another Starbucks devotee like me.

She had that Berkeley mentality as we spoke, very genuine and kind. Obviously had studied at Berkeley. We spoke a little about that. She ask is one day I do the same to someone who hasn’t tried to acquire a taste for a certain beverage. Just buy someone a drink.

Then she said her goodbyes……. Sometimes I feel these things only happen for in Starbucks. It’s the customer, the service, the staff, the environment. So inviting and friendly! Just my opinion…….


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