Has It Changed

No, it’s just calming down for me with the help of some friends. If I haven’t learned one thing about life with Aids and crisis is when it beats you down you have to think of those things in life that made you happy. You know that when your in that dark hole it that doesn’t stop you from thinking about what was at one time. And hopefully will be again.

I had a great life, I’ve traveled, I have great friends, and I value them and am so grateful for all this. But there are times I just want to dream about some great things that happened in my life. I may find photos that represent those times or just photography that I’ve done. My photography is healing for me. And I have lots of photography.

So yes there still is a deficit at the end of the month. I live in this horrible very dangerous neighborhood, by the 20th I’m broke. But I can still dream and talk about my dreams with that unspoken word, with photography!

Art puts your mind in a whole new mindset. And that’s good!


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