Deactivating Facebook

Yes, I temporarily deactivated my FB account. I feel a little liberated. No more likes and pokes and game requests. No more personal dislikes about postings. I found that anytime I posted something a little controversial that someone didn’t like or a group didn’t, It would set off a firestorm. Same thing with a link, especially when it was about anything Obama. That made people crazy, oh and Bush if you said one nice thing about him “Ough”.

I find that my Twitter, Pinterest, Linkden, Goggle+, my blog are enough outlets to get what I want to say out. Every morning I would wake up and spend an hour or two on FB and get nothing else done. But without it I’m reading and posting more, news, pop culture, Art, and things of interest that you can have a real healthy debate about or just take in. I think, FB is for the heart, it makes people feel good and special and the others make people think more “for the brain”. There are usually more news or international news. On FB I find people want to post all those great pictures of their vacations, their kids and grandchildren. And thats what it should be. It’s really sweet! It’s almost therapeutic for some. Healing.

Now people might disagree with these statements about the heart and take it all personal, but that’s okay. It’s just how I feel.

So for now I feel good about this decision.



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