Pulling The Plug

Pulling the plug and having no cable. Well the dog and I kind of look at each other then look at the blank screen and wondered how will we amuse ourselves now. We did some errands this am and came home to a blank screen. Well I went to the radio and turned on some classical music and we both sat on the sofa. We look around and realize we have each other and we got promising news on an apartment out of the hood this am. That made us grateful.

You see when I got Time Warner I didn’t realize the deposits and day of service would be so expensive. So the amount added up quickly. As I live on such a fixed income I got in trouble.

But that’s not what I really want to discuss. I realized I had all these great art books, some wonderful fiction and non-fiction books, and certainly enough to do around the apt.

What it does it helps you understand how unimportant television is. But I escape with television, but now I will have to with other sources. Leaving the hood and taking Lucas to the park and letting him play. Or just walking around Silver Lake. So there are many options. Let’s see how long it lasts and how I do.



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