Do you have the same experience in Starbucks as I do?

In these tough and challenging times I know I always have my Starbucks . You see these guys “baristas” have gotten me through some rough times and they really didn’t even realize it. But just them being there and chatting with me help me deal. There are days I come in here so fucking low and Trent, Trenton, Maya, Toni, Diana and other baristas just lift me up.

First how they greet you and usually knowing your name. Now that’s personalizing it. Then you get in line and most in line with you are always willing to converse and are very polite. Now there is the exception. And we know who they are. Then you get to the register you chat and then you personalize your drink, which they usually know your drink if you frequent enough. You pay and then you might chat a little more and their always smiling. That takes my mood and rises it up and I start to feel a little better. Thanks guys. Now this is Starbucks, Larchmont Village, Los Angeles, my local Starbucks .

I take my seat at the bar and settle in, make some small talk at the counter and pull my stuff out. These guys know me pretty we’ll and are always wondering what I’m writing. I make it pretty mysterious, not on purpose, it just happens that way.

I watch the baristas deal with other customers, some good and some not so easy to deal with. But they are always courteous with a smile. Sometimes we talk about my issues and what I’m writing about which usually interest them.
I sit at this counter for about 2-3 hours and and do my work and enjoy the company of customers and baristas. Which by the time I’m ready to leave I’m feeling much better. My problems haven’t changed but they are put a little bit more in perspective. And that makes me feel good knowing I some really good acquaintances in this store. This was the same way in my Starbucks in Wilton Manors, Florida. I wonder if you have this same experience or similar.



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