That Black Book

Here I sit every day for the past thirty years writing about life, your life, current affairs, pop culture, news, politics, etc,etc,etc. Wondering if anyone will ever read these writings or journals. Since I never go back and read them myself, their all virgin to me. Some day I hope to pass them on to someone and see what they think. I’d love to put them all in a book format and try to publish, if not just for myself. The stories in them are real and some are difficult to go back to. But we shall see.

Why I mention the journals, some one commented on one of my posts about why we, you write a blog. And she made a whole lot of sense. It’s all done for me. It’s my life and what goes on around me. Whether anyone reads it or not it doesn’t matter. The fact that I’m putting it out there in the universe is good enough for me. I’m honest, open, candid, and sometimes a little sarcastic.
But it’s what I want to say. So I’ve decided to totally make this my writings or journaling instead of using my leather black book. Now it’s not always about me, as you can see from my other postings. It’s all about my journey and what I have to say about the day, whether it’s about news, politics or just jibber jabber!

Like today I had a great session with a therapist. It’s part of a 6 week program and this is the 2nd week. We delved into long term survivors and what happens when the money runs out and your still alive on disability. And how it was surviving and dealing with disease all these years. Not able to go back to work and trying to make ends meet. And always coming up short. But keeping a positive and healthy outlook on life. Knowing that your really going to die from old age instead of Aids. But you continue to push forward and live each day in the moment. Sometimes hour by hour.

And now I’m at my favorite place “Starbucks” writing this blog. And it feels great. This just happens to be a really good day. I look forward to getting home to Lucas and paying lots of attention to him. I like that.



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