The nicest compliment was made to me yesterday by a very good friend. A friend of approximately 44 years. We met in Newark, New Jersey in the 60’s and the friendship has never missed a beat. A friend that has been around through thick and thin. His family was mine and mine his. His partner of 35 years is just as good a friend. This just doesn’t happen often, but when you have one you cherish it.

As we were speaking about the challenges that been presented to us and how we new we would get through them because we are strong individuals. You see we both have had some really great times and some difficult ones. For David within about 6 years time he lost his brother, sister, and mother. Now that was rough but he’s getting through it. And we’re all there for him.

My father would take a group of us to the beach, and believe he was not a beach man, but he did it for my friends and I. David’s family would invite me to family events. You see family was very important to us both.

So to the compliment. as we were speaking we started talking about my Blog and he said he’s reading it often. And in the evening he comes home and reads it pretty often. And that he just got caught up on 3 posts. It’s almost like he’s catching up on his favorite TV show. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You see not many friends are even mentioning it, except maybe one or two others. So when he mentioned it, it made me feel so good that a friend is acknowledging my writing good or bad. In many cases he feels my pain at times and others he possibly gets a giggle. Either way it made me feel reallly good.

THANK YOU FRIEND…………!!!!!!!!


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