A Park And A Few Birds

As I set out this afternoon I didn’t know the kind of day it would be. But I was living in the moment and nothing or no one was going to take that away from me. I did some errands and headed off to the chiropractor. As I left the doctor I stumbled on this very small park around the corner. I was on the border of West Hollywood and Hollywood. I parked and went to sit on a bench. The park was quiet since it was around 2pm. As I was sitting there I started thinking of family who aren’t with us anymore. As I thought one by one, one by one a bird come by and either sat on the back of the bench or walked around the bench. So I started thinking out loud and talking to each bird individually. Almost naming the 4-5 birds, mother, father, Howard, Lenore. They stayed around as I continued to speak out loud. No I’m not crazy but I do believe when we die we are reincarnated as birds. I said what I really needed to say and one by one a bird flew away.

I was at peace and in a calm state and the space around me was truly sacred and special for that moment.
I am blessed and grateful to have had that moment, call it whatever you want, it was special to.
I walked away with a feeling no matter how bad it gets I have these angels watching out for me. And everything’s going to be just fine. Yes it will be tough but I will weather it.



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