Tom Ford’s Black Book


So as I discovered while not having cable there is so much around my apt to do. First of all I have so many art books, I could open a book store. So one Monday evening I put on some great classical music pick up Tom Ford’s Black Book. I pulled it out of its jacket and discovered I had never opened it up to even slightly preview it. This is an enormous book. It might be Ford’s swan song as a designer. He had just announced that he was testing the waters of directing movies. In the last ten years he had served as creative director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. This book covers each of the Gucci years individually. Compiling photo shots, ads, runway candids, and some of the Ford Wisdom. I was so mad at myself for this being the first time I actually opened the book. It’s pretty much a ten year capsule of his brand of fashioning, which it succeeds perfectly.

I was so excited each time I turned a page, from fashion models to celebrities, to product and so much more. Since Monday I have pick up a different book each night and will blog about each one!

But it looks like cable might be on by Monday. I’ve learned a great appreciation for what I have and how you truly do not always need television. When you have so many other things to do, you have no choice than to experience all that’s around you!


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