An Evening With Marilyn Monroe


When it came to Tuesday without cable I met with a friend and had coffee with Lucas in tow in Larchmont Village. It was a nice evening so I didn’t look at my vast art books until the next evening, Wednesday.

The music I set was an oldies station and I looked around the room and went to a book in a very large box that had several books inside it. It had sat either on a coffee table or under the coffee table for years. I never allowed any one to look at, only view it. Crazy huh, but that eve I did. It was quite overwhelming just like the life of Marilyn, I could only imagine.

The author André de Dienes’ fashion photographer’s collection of several books in this very large box. His life was changed forever one day in 1945. When he a met a lovely young Norma Jeane Dougherty. They spent much time in those years traveling while he photographed her every move. These photographs kept inspiring him to do more and more only to build a large collection which most are in this book. Each page you turn you see this beautiful young woman so innocent. He shot her in every possible natural setting. Soon a huge portfolio of photographs helped launch her modeling career, and then her acting career which is what made her a legend.

Then there’s the diary of Marilyn in this collection, everything from her daily routines to personal thoughts and her career. There’s wonderful side notes on pages and little sketches. It’s was a delight to go thru, but I needed more than a one night. I needed several, so I will go back another day.

I m so grateful to have these books and to have this open time to view them. Not sure when cable gets turned on, but I’m sure enjoying this time without it.



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