Hugo’s and the Knickerbocker

After a very busy day of looking at some very historic buildings, I finally got on 3 waiting lists. Places such as “The Knickerbocker” and some others. I felt some promising feelings when I left each building. They were large buildings with units over 150 + and that’s good. So I do see some promise.

I’m putting lots of energy into this daily search and I feel something will click soon. I’m letting the universe do it’s thing with a little help. I believe in the universe doing its thing and it will direct me. With all my challenges someone is guiding me. My angels! There’s an energy source that does say to get up for the day. So I push myself and Lucas and we get up for the day. Lucas is my rock and I love him with all my heart and am looking forward to when he is 3 years to get a friend for him. I just love that unconditional love. He greets me with such enthusiasm and excitement. Knowing that I was out working hard to find us the right place to become permanent! He knows these places have all been temporarily but as long as he has his crate and my bed with me next to him all is right in the world.

My feeling is I estimate within the next six months something might happen. Possibly into the new year!

So I got some eBay packages sent out, that’s going to help big time. And then I felt I deserved a little reward. So I headed to Hugo’s for their happy hour, it’s really cheap and I can get way with just spending $15 including tip. I just have to go without something else that I might need.

Hugo’s is a fun place and the food is actually good. It attracts many types, from vegan’s to young fun hip peeps. I usually only come to the happy hour and it always seem good. And you can’t beat the price. I have the Mac and cheese and usually the nachos and they are delice. Along
with that one martini. It’s located on the corner of King’s Road and Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. You must try. Delice………!

So for moving closer to town is really important, not just for Hugo’s (ha ha) but for a whole host of reasons. Most important my safety and health. I feel boxed in where I live now. I don’t feel safe. My doctors, most of my social life is here and that’s so important to my mental health. You see my mental health is at it’s lowest. Each day I feel I get to this low point where I have to always pull myself up. And that’s pretty difficult. My shrink and therapist feel these changes are mandatory, but it all takes time. It just doesn’t happen overnight. I know I’m sleeping at least 9-10 hours a night and that’s way to much. A good sign of depression. Not wanting to get up with feeling perfectly fine with staying in bed all day. But I know that’s not good. Since that led to my addiction on Xanax .
And I know where that got me, for 2 1/2 years. Not a pretty place. I just took it to sleep and never knew how much sleeping I was doing and lost a lot of time. I was hiding. A whole lot.

I want to talk about those times, but it would have to be at another time. So feast on this for now and God Bless you All………


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