Aids Survivor, A Good Story, 27 Years Plus

This is a story that just doesn’t end, it continues on…..!


Yes, living and surviving with this disease and being able to be blessed that I’m still and feel great. Health wise……! This is truly a great story of life, that never really ends. I must have contracted the disease from some hot Puerto Rican in 1981, he was hot and the sex was great. It was a one night stand. How do I know it was him, well you almost just know when you get tested and think back. I got tested in 1987 because a new partner ask me to and I felt okay with it. And I was almost comfortable with what whatever the outcome since up to that point I had lived a great life.

So I get tested and the result came back positive, almost like I’d figure it would. Soon after testing I developed a really bad case of shingles and then all the other…

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