I Find Myself In The Same Situation

Month after month I will find myself with the same problem, a deficit in funds. How do I break this cycle. I cannot continue to rely on the kindness of others. It’s just not fair to them and our friendships. I just have to get caught up with the essentials. It’s effecting my health, safety and we’ll being. Taking care of my health is most important and that means eating properly which I’m not doing. I try to get one decent meal in, but with taking all these meds I need more food to absorbed the meds.

Safety, food, and health are most important and right now I’m missing the mark on all three. I just don’t know here to turn. Another person might turn back to drugs or alcohol, but I’m not there. I know I have to survive and not collapse. But I hovering over the edge and what I do know is Lucas is depending on me and I’m depending on myself.

Tonight I am fortunate to have a flank steak, jasmine rice and some veggies.
But that’s tonight, tomorrow’s another day. I take things almost hour by hour not day by day. It makes it easier. I look forward to going home now for an early dinner.

Same situation…..! What to do????


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