Seagrams 7 Started It All.

So I wallowed in a bottle Segrams 7 at Glenn’s house after this afternoon. The places I filled out waiting lists for were not what I expected. They were very old hotels converted into apartment buildings. Actually very historic buildings, but not what I expected. But I have to work with the system. And that means take what I can get in the beginning. And just deal with it. That’s just how it goes!

Back to Glenn’s. I really don’t know why I went there since they were dealing with their own shit. (Oh yeah I went for the whiskey) Which I walked in on, right into the middle of it. But I went right to the bottle and poured a drink. Not much in the bottle but enough. And I sat down, but I should have left, but Glenn had this snarky expression on his face, like he wanted me to stay. So that’s what I did.

Well it didn’t go well. They must have been in a heavy conversation and I probably shouldn’t have stayed. But I stayed and became a part of the conversation, not a good Idea. Because eventually I was in the middle. And Glenn’s snarky look was somewhat happy. But I continued to drink my shots and converse with Glenn. Trying to get him out of the house, but he wouldn’t budge. He was probably waiting for the other Glen to get his act together and they would head out. They play this dance constantly, which is strange. But it’s always. It’s definitely noticeable. Anyone could see that dance goes on often. On and on. But I guess they’ve been doing this for a while.

The moral of this story was I wanted Glenn to go out for drinks with me and possibly have dinner. But he would have to pay. And I don’t think he was up to that. Since they were in the middle of their dance. So I left and came to Starbucks and got a quad iced, in a venti cup, with heavy cream, and 4 classic pumps. And here I am writing. You see when your short on funds not everyone comes to your rescue. But I’m happy here. Starbucks has always been my refuse. It’s a safe environment! And I can always just hang. I count on the baristas to always be there.

Sadly tomorrow I have to make some serious financial decisions for the month of August. I’m very torn with these decisions. But I have to think of Frank and of course Lucas. We are the priorities for now.




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