So I Am Grateful

I’m so consumed with all my personal issues, that I forget about where I live sometime. And not the neighborhood but the city. This afternoon I dropped Lucas off at the groomers since I had a free one coming to me. As we strolled down Santa Monica Blvd I realized how happy people seemed and everyone wanted to play with Lucas but he wanted to walk. The weather is gorgeous, little humid but I can deal with it. Everyone is in shorts and tank tops and it sure is summer. And you can see it on everyone’s face. Lucas made it to the groomer and I strolled back to the car. Feeling the same way. Happy….!

So I headed to my destination while Lucas was being groomed. Larchmont Village, Los Angeles Starbucks to do some writing. But I had to do some errands while in the village. I headed to the post office to get stamps which I never use but I needed 2. The lady was so nice that we spoke about the nice weather and how it makes people feel. She said she had a great morning and hoped the same for the afternoon. Then I headed to the bank, did some banking and moved on. Sat for a moment and took a call from Florida, a friend. We chatted about what’s going on and why I haven’t called. He said all the same things that most do about my situation. But he complained a lot about the weather, the humidity, his apartment, and his doctor. Not a lot of positive stuff.

What I’m really trying to say it seems that California’s are a happier bunch no matter what’s thrown at them. When I had a chance to speak I tried to keep it very upbeat, about the beautiful gorgeous weather and my stroll in West Holllywoood & now in the Village. He just seemed so unhappy and he has so much more going on for him that I do. He is fortunate. But the fortunate one is myself. I live in this great city, with great weather today and only encountering happy people. So I am grateful……!



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