Shopping For Two On A Strict Budget


Thinking about groceries, treats, dog food, etc,etc,etc, when I go grocery shopping. I have to think of two, Lucas and I. I’ll bet many people in this position do the same, put their pets as part of the family. So their budgets are challenging. I overheard a lady speak at Starbucks today saying that she pays her bills, her rent, car payment, and what’s left is for her and her Coco (her dog). Nothing extra for entertainment other than coffee out. I didn’t feel alone.

So I go to the supermarket and the pet store, and had only sixty dollars for shopping. Well actually fifthy since I needed ten dollars for Laundry. I head to the the pet store for food, treats, and dental treats. I knew what I was going to spend before I got there, between $15-$20. I got all three items and spent $18.83. You see when thinking of food for the month I have to think for 2, Lucas and I. Always……

Now I knew I had about thirty dollars to spend on myself. That was a tough one. and I also knew I had extra money coming in the middle of the month, so I had to worry about just two weeks. And I had items in the freezer chicken legs, a whole chicken and some ground turkey .And a friend loaded my Starbucks card with $25 for coffee. Generous friend. So what to buy?

Milk (Lactose Free)
Fage Yogurt (lg)
Peaches (.99lb)
2 flank steaks at managers special
Crunchy Cereal for the yogurt
Blueberries @.99 each
Pretzels on Sale
Ice Pops

Now I had about three dollars left and I decided to go to the bakery department, after much thinking I decided to hold on to it and not waste money on sweets. Spent a total of $27.50.

This is how it’s going to be for a couple of months, so I have to accept and deal with it. And I am. Some don’t even have what I listed. But I am pround of this budget, lets see how it last. Probably not the full two weeks.


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