We’re Good For A Month…..!


So after much thinking and much anxiety my little problem is sorted out for this month. It amazing that when you put your mind down to take care of something, you do whatever it takes. It’s not exactly how I wanted the outcome, but it buys me another month.

I title this blog ” Survivor”, for a reason, I’m a survivor.

Now this was just a short fix, but a fix that solved the problem of the money for the car and keeps my checking account in order. I have to work with what I have and that means very little. But it works. It seems I’m not the only one in this spot.

My neighbor came to my door yesterday am and ask me for an egg and a piece of bread. I felt so bad I didn’t even have it for myself, I hadn’t gone shopping yet since I didn’t know where my $$$$ where at. So when I go to the store today I will pick up something to tide her over even though I don’t have much. She often asks me for food and I give when I can. I figure we’re all in same boat. You see I have a friend or two that help me with food at times. So when I go to the different food banks I make sure I split mine with her. Usually I give her at least 3/4 of mine since my stomach is so sensitive I can’t eat most of the food they give. But Margarite is so sweet and she lives on my floor so however I can help I will. Because I have people that help me, so it’s the least I can do. One hand helps another. She always says she prays for me and the Lucas and that we find the apartment I want. I believe she does. She’s originally from Belize and lives on a very fixed income. Not sure how much family she has but in this situation we are all family.

So I guess I started this post with solving a problem of mine temporarily to a friend who needed some help and trying to help.

Just be kind to others and they will be in return. Help who can and however you can because that help will come back to you. And usually from the most unlikely people will come to your need.



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