On Vacation, Not Me

Now let’s get serious. The Congress is gone on vacation, the Senate is gone on vacation, SCOTUS is gone and President leaves soon. But he certainly can handle whatever from wherever. The only ones really working are the staffers and others who handle other work.

Now we have:
Syria vs Separatist
Syria bombing Lebanon
Israel vs Gaza
Ukraine vs Russia (Russia’s power grab)
Iraq vs ISIS
God only knows what’s happening in Afghanistan
Iran supplying Iraq
Boku Haram
North Korea is seems quiet
The Border
And I know I probably missed a few

How to help resolve these conflicts? We can’t, these are wars that have been in these regions for years and will continue. I believe the only thing we can do is strengthen our forces t home because at some point something is going to spill over to the US. Yes, we can provide to our allies what they need, but boots on the ground is a tough sell. And I agree.

I believe our forces are at the lowest numbers since the sixties, and yes I got this from CNN and other news outlets from the web. So again I believe we need to at least stop furloughing and build up a little more. Yes we’re safe, but all it might take is a power grid, the internet, water reserves, etc,etc to be messed with. This is very possible, and we know it.

While everyone is on vacations, domestic issues are put on the back burner (shameful ) and have been for a while and of course certain regions are in turmoil. In all this we always forget about “We The People”.

Everyone is on vacation……..!


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