Police Blockade vs Dealership Blockade

This am I left the apartment to go to the Kia Dealership and got stop right as I stepped out of the elevator by the police. The street next to my building was blocked off and that meant that the garage was off limits. Police wouldn’t say what was going on other than stay in the lobby or go back to your apartment. I stayed in the lobby thinking this standoff in the alley would end soon. Sounds like a dealer got caught with hiding his drugs near our dumpster and has been dealer from there for awhile, I thought when I look down he was just homeless searching for food. But he was searching for his stash. You see the alley is a pass way for many. So anything is possible. In about 45 minutes the block off was lifted and I was on my way.

I got to the dealership and took care of the financial issue and moved on within 30 minutes. Thanks to Luis, Anthony, Joseph and the general manger. Now that burden is lifted for now. But they must do this to many and it must be something new in the auto business. Post dating a check for thirty days for your deposit. And many have a problem at that thirty day mark, the check bounces and an independent firm comes after you. You see the dealership is guaranteed the money at signing and the check goes to thus firm. So it’s out of their hands. Sad huh, but it seems like it sells lots of cars that way.

I was there to get my check back and give them cash instead. Had some problem but we eventually resolved it and they took my money. I was pleased and said my goodbyes. This team really went to great lengths for me and I appreciate it so much. Now my car payment is much less and I have a shorter term and %0.125 financing. It frees up an extra $75 a month. Good for me. See I’m not freezing I’m being proactive in this instance.

Then I headed to Starbucks to sit next many interesting people at the counter and making new friends. This is my social outlet most of the time. And I do most of my writing from here.


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