Ebay Behavior


When buying an item on eBay you must be aware of the return policies in the listing. Obviously some don’t and get very difficult to deal with. This buyer has gotten very offensive and rude in stating her problem, there is no need for this behavior. I’ve given 2 options with one being return item. But as stated in listing buyer must pay return shipping. Oddly this buyer feels she shouldn’t have to. I think she might have a history with this behavior. As stated in listing the item was 14 years old and in good condition. The photos were not misrepresented,they were the exact “Twin Towers Snow Globe” purchased 14 years ago in good condition. Of course the water might not be the as clear as when bought, it’s 14 years old. Hello……! Just send item back…..! Don’t tarnish my reputation.

All I can say is read the listing when buying items and know the policies.


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