One Comes ,One Goes

Well I went from a very very difficult eBay buyer to really smoothe buyer transaction. I believe that personalities and certain behaviors are a part of how people handle eBay transactions. I have not had many difficult transactions if any until now. But I believe when you read the listing carefully and realize what your buying you get what you want. But some don’t always read the fine print, and that’s what gets them in trouble. And I can understand that. But always read the entire listing.

But finance wise this good transaction came at the best time, I do have a guardian angel watching over. How I know this earlier today a bird came to the ledge of my balcony aand sat a while, until the Lucas realized he was there. And you know my feelings on birds so right after this bird left a bell rang on my IPad and really good ebay sale happened “Buy It Now” paid and being shipped today. Now that’s sweet.

This helps immensely for the month, help pay some bills and fill the refrigerator. Sweet………!

So when one opportunity doesn’t work another comes along and works…….!sparrow


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