I’m Not Hungry

You may not be aware of it, but we have a relationship with food. We all do, food experts say, and as with all relationships, there are good things about it and bad things. Eating when we’re not hungry is one of those bad things that come with living in an environment that is abundant in food. Well not really for me.

One of the main reasons we eat when we’re not hungry is because we sometimes use food to shield ourselves from uncomfortable feelings. We eat sometimes to get relief from boredom, depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress, and other moods, etc, etc.

Often, the foods we reach for first in times of stress are comfort foods that our mothers used to soothe the scraped knee or tender ego. If we don’t reach for comfort foods, we tend to reach for alcohol, drugs, sweets, and savory foods that tend to be high in fats, sugar, and calories. Not healthy and not really good for us. So we must think twice when not hungry and grabbing to eat. So I must think twice because I really have no appetite, and it’s all emotional, stress, and a little mental.



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