My Friend



It’s nice when a good friend who you hadn’t been communicating lately notices your blog. I’ve been hoping some of these old friends would reach out, just to hear my struggle and how I’m coping. Not asking for anything, just a kind ear. That’s all that’s needed. The rest is already in motion, and I have no control over it anymore. I just have to stay above water, pay rent, car , phone , cable and hope that food fits in there.

But it was nice to hear from her. I wish she would have called but I’m happy with a text. Hey that’s how we communicate in this world of technology.
But it know her life is busy so I understand.

These posts are more for me to get these words out of my head. So I can move forward. If you choose to go to the post or my blog even better. And if my words can help someone, great!

I was in a little bit of a funk but this has moved me out of it a little.
Thanks, My Friend………..


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