Up Roar Over Changing Mobile Number


So I changed my mobile number. Why am I getting calls saying what’s going on, are you okay, are you still in Los Angeles. It’s all okay. It was a decision I had to make since I was getting a whole of calls that I had no response to. And I knew there would be more. So I changed the number, no one calls me anyway. One friend ask if I was going into witness protection, did he know something I didn’t ,(LoL) I think he was kidding. Then when you send these group texts and someone responds back, well they thought they were responding to me, but it goes to everyone. So that started a uproar in itself.

I guess some have numbers for most of their lives. Every time I moved to a new city I want that cities area code, that’s just how I am. This puts me at ease and that’s just what I needed. It’s one step at a time. I have to take these steps so that I can get to a better place. I know it’s going to take many steps and some hurdles but I’m trying to be strong. It’s tough.


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