Why Am I graced with a looney buyer


Probably she has buyers remorse and that’s okay. I understand. But to drag this case out is just to make herself look like she’s busy or just to make some sort of point is ludicrous. I’ve refunded and she hasn’t sent product back and is making a big deal about policy on returns. But you see I would pay the shipping if she wasn’t so mean and malicious with her words. There’s no reason to get nasty and down right rude.

I don’t know what happens with people’s egos with eBay, but they get inflated. Especially buyers. I don’t why, maybe because it gives them power being a buyer. But it makes them look bad. Especially someone sitting at their desk responding in seconds to every move with case. But hey if she has that much time, so be it.

I like to move things quickly, if you have a problem solve it. With multiple options along with returning product. But when the listing says buyer pays returns, buyer pays. That’s all she wrote……!


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