Xanax And Not Knowing I Had An Addiction

Just wanted to get this out there again, thight it might help someone…..!


I’ve probably have been taking Xanax for about 10 years before I realized I had a problem. The first six or seven years I was only taking maybe one or two tabs in the eve. (5mg tabs) but that soon changed. I had this special friend in my life Howard who had advanced Dimentia and Alzheimer’s. But we communicated thru his beautiful blue eyes for a number of years. I was his caregiver appointed by him and his attorneys. When he was able to. But that’s another story for another day.

Then came the horrible day in which Howard passed. I was devastated, not that I didn’t know the day wouldn’t come but you never prepare yourself to lose a friend of almost thirty years. But it happened and he had a beautiful send off. During this time I also lost my mother and father. Very difficult times.

Fast forward…

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