Diet vs Economics vs Anxiety

I feel nauseous and sick today. Since I’ve only been eating yogurt, cereal and fruit, my diet has become quite limited. Not just by choice but by economics. So when I put pizza in my body it obviously rejects it. Because it’s not used to eating unhealthy food. Again my diet is because of economics. It’s what I can afford and it seems to be the healthiest route. But it’s almost like going on vegan diet and then turning around and having a piece of red meat. It doesn’t work.

So for now I’m stuck with anxiety and nausea. My anxiety is at a level 8 but fortunately I’m heading to psych doc!
I know where this anxiety comes from the day-to-day issue! There really aren’t too many days where I’m not feeling this anxious, like as if I’m crawling out of my skin.

But actually we all know where it comes from not feeling safe in my environment and not feeling financially safe. But here I go off to the doc to explain all this.


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