SDCC 2014: Fox’s “Gotham” Has Potential Despite Flawed Pilot

Very excited to see……sounds like a great cast!


On Saturday at SDCC I had one goal: see the premier of Gotham. Everyone else was gunning for the Marvel panel which was, admittedly, absolutely amazing. Blew my mind. Fantastic. But if not for the Age of Ultron footage I probably could have skipped it. What I wanted to see was that first episode of Gotham. DC and Fox had been pushing it so hard all weekend. Between the Gotham zip line outside the Hilton Bayfront – which gave away Gotham detective badges which that were arguably the coolest swag of SDCC 2014 – to the Gotham police cars driven by Uber drivers they were really going all out. I admit, I had been hooked on the idea of Gotham ever since it came out. I wanted it to be good so badly that I dedicated my Saturday to Hall H just to see it. I don’t want to say that…

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