Tweaked and Tweaked


So we tweaked and tweaked and tweaked until we got a new formula. But it’s always trial and error. And once you get the right formula eventually it gets stalled and then you have to start all over again. But it’s all good. I trust my psych doc and she trust me. I’m honest and I make it a partnership. And
I know nothing is permanent. Because hopefully there will no psych drugs anymore. Thinking wishfully.

But I’m pleased with a good appointment, we’re always on the same page. I leave there feeling safe and secure. But then the insecurity and anxiousness creeps up. I head to Starbucks and I start writing and posting and that calms me a little. The people are interesting and that takes me out of my own head. I chat with others and we almost have a commonality among us.
Coffee, iPad’s, computers, journals and good conversation. Or maybe just sitting in corner counter seat and not speaking. Being in my own zone.

But now that we have a new group of meds. Maybe a little more focused and not as anxious. I’ll have to give them a chance. It takes time. But I feel good about this formulation, I’ve taken it many years ago. So I’m familiar with it.


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