Fighting for a space………!

Coming into Larchmont Village today and I was struck by this very very large leopard print figure fighting with 2 cars for metered spaces. I realized she was trying to hold both spaces which is crazy. Then I came into the mix and started commenting since I needed a space. She was strong and was moving her hands all around and yelling all kinds of rude words. As she started jumping back and forth to each space and yelling I thought wasn’t worth it. So I moved on. But as I turned the corner I noticed the parking meter lady started talking with her and probably commenting on how you can’t save spaces especially two. Now, she’s still arguing with the two other cars but at one point they both slipped in and she went off on them and the meter lady.

Can’t say I wasn’t overwhelmed with the outcome because I eventually got a space nearby. Now as I get out of the car everyone’s gone and not one car has shown up for this lady, maybe her friends had ran from her while this whole episode was happening. Crazy at what lengths one will go for a parking space in Larchmont Village, she obviously doesn’t live in the area since most here a very cordial and kind.

Just to rub her a little more, as I walk by I choose to say karma’s a bitch. With a big smile and keep walking. So there she continued to wait for her peeps to arrive.


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