I’ve never said much to my neighbors on my floor other than hello or nice to see you. But lately many are leaving and we all know why, the neighborhood. Many of these elderly folks are just as afraid as I if not more. And their children are pulling them out. For good reason. It’s just a matter of time I leave. Sad thing is that it’s a really nice building just in a really bad neighborhood .

But my post today is about a special woman who we help each other in the building. Her name is Margarite and she is super sweet lady. So when I saw her son at the building and he told me he was helping her move out. I was upset. Like I was when Dorothy, Judy, and few others moved.

Margarite would come over and ask for an egg or bread, fruit or some cake and I would give if I had it. Sometimes I didn’t have for myself. You see her money ran out around the 25th of the month and her check didn’t come until the 7th. She lived on a budget even more difficult than I. When I would go to the food bank I would split it with her. Most of the food didn’t agree with my stomach. She was from Belize so she always made something with the food and it was delice. Always something very cultural to Belize and I loved it. Just this morning I gave her half of a cinnamon bun cake, something I shouldn’t have bought in the first place. Not in my budget. But sometimes you have to. There were so many other neighborly things we did, chat in the lobby, laundry room and she loved Lucas.

I guess change is good but I don’t like when it’s someone I like. So I accept and said goodbye. I probably will never see her again. But it was really nice to have her as a neighborhood. Thank You, Margarite………….


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