Larchmont Village



This tiny village of shops is a great refuse for me, yes and there is a Starbucks here , along with Pete’s and Coffee Bean. But what it helps with for me is being out and about and people actually say hello. Different right! I have no friends here, most are just acquaintances which in some cases are better. We chat, share and listen. For some reason it’s easier to share with them. They actually know and see me on a daily basis. I’m always at Starbucks, cheese store or just walking up and down. Some shopkeepers have gotten to know me and that feels good. It definitely helps with my depression and anxiety for a short while. And it gives my day some sense of structure, no matter how I’m feeling it gets me out of the apartment. Otherwise it’s in the bed hiding.

Larchmont is a beautiful area of Los Angeles. Quaint homes and some beautiful and magnificent ones. At one time these were homes to many celebs, and yes there’s some still here. Their able to stroll around and no one bothers them. The shops are everything from a bath fixtures store to the cutest children’s store and all in between. I love it here. Coming here is one of my coping mechanisms that I use. It’s nothing like my neighborhood but then mine is it’s own category.

This helps my mental health issues for a short while. And maybe it can help you. Do you like these type of little villages ?


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