24 Live Another Day


Are any of you familiar with Jack Bauer? Well you either love or hate him. He can be extremely annoying in his tactics and makes you almost want to route for the bad guy. I’m on the most current 24 Live Another Day marathon. Last night I watched about 8 of the episodes and the rest will be this eve. This is what you do while you still have cable and it’s not been turned off.

I must say it’s all the same characters, all the same villains, and a similar plot line. So what makes it different for me. Well I find myself wanting the bad guys to win. Just once let everything be destroyed. Along with Bauer lost in the rubble and then being turned over to the Russian’s for the assignation attempt of their PM. Is that bad, I just want the story line to develope a little more. Not always that Jack Bauer saves the day. His attempt of interrogation is frustrating. If he was an operative with an agency I believe there would be some kind of protocol that we don’t know about that he would try. Just something a little more nail biting. And that voice and bag he carries makes him so unbelievable, for me. And I’ve watched 24 from it’s inception and always felt it one of my fav. I want another Jack Bauer to enter that would bring it to a higher level of terrorism. Just look at the world. ISIS would be a great storyline, Hamas, Hezbollah, Putan and Ukraine would be another. There’s so much. Let’s hope they look at the world next time and not just think of terrorist attacks but some really bad leaders, bad terrorists armies as ISIS. What do you think? Do you feel like you want more? More being brought to the edge. Tell me.


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